“QuarkXPress for Dummies,” a training handbook for QuarkXPress users, is now available for pre-order and digital download and will officially be available in print on Dec. 19. It’s a full-color, hands-on guide to QuarkXPress, one of the top tools for graphic design and page layout.

Written by Jay Nelson, a longtime authority on QuarkXPress, “QuarkXPress for Dummies” offers readers information about the latest updates to QuarkXPress and step-by-step guidance on designing and outputting projects, plus: tricks for working with text; guidance on managing larger design projects; and tips on how to correct mistakes

“QuarkXPress for Dummie”s is available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and other major retailers. It’s available in paperback as well as for the Kindle, Nook and other digital formats. For those looking for the new version of QuarkXPress, Quark is currently running a Buy One, Get One offer (http://content.quark.com/bogof2016-us.html) on QuarkXPress 2016 licenses, which can be purchased through the Quark Store, Quark Authorized Resellers, and Quark Telesales.

Nelson has used QuarkXPress almost daily since 1988 when he managed one of America’s first prepress service bureaus. He became a Quark Authorized Trainer, then owned a Quark Authorized Training Center. For the next 21 years, Jay was the editor and publisher of “Design Tools Monthly,” an executive summary of graphic design news. Nelson was a keynote speaker at multiple launches of QuarkXPress, is the author and presenter of training videos, and has reviewed every version of QuarkXPress since version 8 for popular Mac and computing publications.