MakeMusic has announced the formal release of the new SmartMusic, a web-based redesign of the acclaimed interactive music practice platform for music students and educators.

Like the classic SmartMusic, the new SmartMusic ( supports the proven deliberate practice model by providing immediate feedback and making it possible for educators to individually guide each student, according to Fred Flowerday, MakeMusic’s senior vice president of product strategy. Students practice specific music assigned by their teacher and receive instant feedback on what they played correctly – and incorrectly.

They also receive an assessment score and can hear recordings of their performances. When they’ve mastered an assignment, SmartMusic sends their score and recording back to their teacher’s Gradebook to be evaluated, graded, and documented. Teachers and students can also provide comments on every performance.

In addition to interactive practice tools for students and administrative tools that streamline classroom management and document student progress, SmartMusic includes a repertoire library.

Starting at $399/year, up to three teachers can connect with up to 50 students. This platform is scalable to every music program, regardless of size, so additional teachers and students can be added inexpensively, if necessary, says Flowerday. There’s also a free version that provides every music educator and student all the power of the paid version but with limited access to the content.