Quark Software has announced a new release of its content automation platform featuring updates that enable organizations to accelerate digital transformation and drive better customer satisfaction.

Quark’s content automation platform is an integrated enterprise solution for creating, managing, publishing, and delivering omni-channel content for a wide range of industries. New features include:

° New interactive publishing channels: Users can automatically output content to responsive HTML5, HTML5 Web Publications, iOS and Android Apps, email, PDF, print, and more. Plus, there are new creative features such as multi-gradient blends and OpenType Stylistic Sets.

° Offline web-based authoring: Whether as simple as analysts working on a plane to field services staff working in remote, non-networked global locations, subject matter experts of all types can author content securely and efficiently when away from their desks.

° Automated charts and tables: Users can dynamically create static and interactive charts and tables from Excel and other data sources in a format that is appropriate for each output channel and device.

° Support for new content types: Deal advisory materials, training content, HR documents, equity reports and more can be further automated with this release. This is thanks to integration with PowerPoint and Visio, enabling users to reuse and dynamically update PowerPoint slides and Visio pages within their documents. Plus, there are new equation editing and publishing features.

° Enterprise scalability: Any global organization needs a content automation platform that can scale across departments and geographies, co-existing within complex enterprise software environments. Dynamic configuration means new content types can be on-boarded without any need to restart application servers or impact production. Elasticsearch, an open-source, enterprise-grade search engine, is now supported, enabling increased scalability and rapid searches.

Quark’s content automation platform includes a centralized component content management system and fully integrated capabilities for creating, managing, publishing, and delivering multi-channel content. The platform works by allowing for the creation and management of content components that can be tagged, searched, tracked, updated, audited, and reused across multiple channels throughout the content lifecycle.