CAZE ( has announced its first hybrid bumper for the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, weighing just 11 grams. Constructed of aluminum and TPU, the DuEdge frame offers a stylish metal look for the Apple smartphone.

The DuEdge thin bumper comes in five colors: Jet Black, Matte Black. Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. All the colors and metal finishing of DuEdge are tuned to complement the respective colors of the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

The DuEdge slim bumper is composed of an ultra-thin aluminum frame combining onto a soft frame bumper. With both soft and hard properties of aluminum and soft frame, the dual layer construction gives your iPhone reinforced bumper protection while maintaining a slim and sleek bumper style look.

The inner TPU layer provides e durability and shock protection, while the ultra-thin aluminum frame adds additional strength and rigidity to the case. Another function of the soft TPU layer is to act as a cushion to prevent any damage that might be caused by removing or attaching the case. It provides shock absorbing protection to all four sides and extends this protection to the front and the back of your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

The hybrid bumper is designed to improve the operational performance of iPhone 7/7 Plus. It features sensitive “metalized” buttons using the same material and color as the frame to improve performance of the volume control and power button. To facilitate signal reception, the bumper is designed to expose the antenna.

To protect your iPhone 7/ 7 Plus camera lens, a ip on the edge of the frame is built to prevent the protruding camera from contacting with surfaces. Without the need of using tools or screws, the flexible bumper design makes it easy to install as it snaps onto your device.

The DuEdge hybrid bumper for iPhone 7/7 Plus comes with a free screen protection kit (front and back film) for added shielding. It also comes with a microfiber cloth and a wallet size iPhone stand.