Pixel Film Studios has released ProClone (http://tinyurl.com/zhuqok4) for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. It’s a $29.95 repeating media tool plug-in that allows users to add layers of duplicated footage on top of an original source. You can add some extra stylization to videos using ProClone’s duplicating tools. You can emphasize dynamic shots by adding extra layers of action.

To use ProClone, select a preset and drop it on top of a video or photo in the timeline. Squash, stretch and/or position the the title layer in the timeline to adjust how long the clones appear on screen for as well as when they begin and end.

ProClone gives users the options to add anywhere from one to eight layers of repeated media to footage. You can edit the spread of clone layers to be close together, or far apart and reposition where the clone layers begin using a simple slider. You can adjust the slant slider to change the angle of the clones.

Vertical and horizontal layouts are included for every section of presets. Users can invert the direction of the clone layers using an Invert checkbox and edit the Slant, Spread and Position sliders. ProClone comes with 40-plus preset. You can choose a preset with the desired orientation, number of clones and animation type, then it apply on top of footage.