SOASTA ( has announced the addition of Real User Monitoring (RUM)-based Testing to its Digital Performance Management (DPM) Platform.

Based on real user engagement data collected and analyzed by SOASTA’s mPulse product – including all users, all data, all the time – this new offering provides digital businesses with an unprecedented ability to test smarter, better and faster, said Tom Lounibos, Founder and CEO of SOASTA. “

SOASTA’s new RUM-based Testing gives companies access to accurate performance test plans for their websites and applications using data science techniques. Through analysis of RUM data – such as user paths, user bounce rates, user think time, user geography, web vs. mobile, device type, network type, first-party vs. third-party resource, and peak analysis, organizations are now able to generate automated test reports that tell them what to test, when to test, where to test and how to test. This reduces the risk of a crashing or slow website or slow application performance during high-traffic events, Lounibos said.

Using the new testing capability, site owners always have a clear view of what’s working, what isn’t and what to do next by learning:

° Exactly when previous peak traffic windows were;
° Which geographic locations users came from;
° Ramp times on a per-test-case basis and overall execution times, matching the previous year’s peak and applying growth for year-over-year increases in traffic.

RUM-based Testing is available immediately as part of SOASTA’s Digital Performance Management Platform.