Augmented reality is projected to be a $105 billion market for U.S.enterprise within 15 years, with early adopters of the disruptive technology gaining a competitive advantage in their industries, according to a market perspective released by Index AR Solutions ( The projected $105 billion in revenue includes $49 billion in hardware, $11 billion in software and $45 billion in services.

These are among the key findings of an Index AR Solutions market perspective researched and written by the firm’s executive team and released today. Authors of the market perspective are Index AR Solutions President and CEO Dan Arczynski, Executive Vice President and COO Dexter Lilley and Director of Operations John Arczynski.

“This market perspective is a must read for companies and organizations considering augmented reality,” Arczynski said. “Augmented reality is an investment in your people to make them more capable, safe and productive.”

The key takeaway from the market perspective is that companies and organizations should not wait to implement augmented reality. The authors note that dramatic top line and bottom line results can be achieved with current augmented reality technology.

Among the top findings in the Index AR Solutions market perspective:

° Augmented reality is “ready now” for enterprise implementation, with companies achieving double-digit performance improvement in revenue, cost, schedule and quality.

° Every company and industry sector can benefit from enterprise augmented reality;

° While adoption of other technologies requires large upfront, multi-year investments before realizing value, augmented reality’s value can be realized with the first application and every subsequent one.