Book’s Booqpad for 9.7-inch iPad Pro makes it easy to switch between working and playing mode, merging the security of a snap case with the practical benefits of a multi-fold folio, providing versatility, protection and style.

It comes complete with a removable magnetic polycarbonate 9.7-inch iPad Pro, folio and notepad, it’s the ideal create-and-carry solution. The Booqpad for 9.7-inch iPad Pro is now available for $60 at and retailers throughout the country.

The Booqpad’s functional, ambidextrous design allows for multiple angles and scenarios, and suits both right and left-handed note-takers. Its magnetically attached polycarbonate case makes two seemingly inseparable parts easily removable and adjustable. Use the folio flap to slightly prop up an iPad for comfortable typing, or readjust to standing position for a full view of a presentation or movie. When it’s time to get to work, lay the Booqpad flat and take notes or sketch an idea on the paper pad.

The Booqpad for 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes in gray, and features an Apple Pencil pocket, easy access to ports and rear camera and a removable, 50-sheet notepad made from unbleached, acid-free, 30% minimum recycled post-consumer content. Users can purchase additional notepads on booq’s website in packs of three for $10.