Soundness’ SoundSoap Solo is a new desktop edition of its audio cleaning software for macOS and Windows. 
The app solves problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, electrical hum, rumble, and low volume in media files. SoundSoap Solo is ideal for anyone creating videos, action camera footage, screencasts, podcasts, music, or dialogue.

SoundSoap Solo is so easy to use that even average consumers can use it to fix audio noise problems, without requiring any audio expertise. SoundSoap opens videos from action cameras, smartphones, and other sources and makes it simple to send the cleaned videos directly to Facebook, Vimeo, Email, SMS, and other destinations.

SoundSoap Solo inherits the new technology in SoundSoap 5 that finds and removes background noises automatically by analyzing the media file. The noise sample location can also be adjusted visually now by moving an indicator on a waveform display. Improved media playback controls make working with media files even easier, and a waveform display is now available for all file types.

SoundSoap Solo includes FLAC and MP3 in addition to the list of supported media file types. Improved digital signal processing algorithms provide better removal of ground loops and other electrical noise problems in media files. The addition of high-resolution audio meters, a full bypass mode for before/after comparisons, and a parameter reset command are also part of SoundSoap Solo.

SoundSoap Solo requires macOS10.9 or later. It reads all major audio and video file formats, including QuickTime, H.264, CAF, MP4, MP3, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. SoundSoap Solo includes the standalone application and costs $79. It’s available from Soundness online (