Tap Guides’ “Photos on iPhone and iPad” is an interactive eBook for the iPad, iPhone and Mac that reveals the secrets of mobile photography.

Written by tech author Thomas Anthony, it’s packed with inspirational photos, tutorials and interviews with the world’s best iPhone photographers. Taking photos on an iPhone or iPad is easy, just open the Camera app and press a button. Taking a beautiful photo, however, is a little bit trickier.

“Photos on iPhone and iPad” reveals the secrets of mobile photography, making it possible for anyone to take a stunning picture with their iDevice. Sections include:

° In-depth tutorials that explain the Camera app, Photos app and third-party apps;

° Interviews with Michal Koralewski – 2015 iPhone Photographer of the Year winner; Holly Wesley – 2012 iPhone Photographer of the Year winner; nature photographer Kaisa Breeden and a profile of traveller and photographer Kevin Russ;

° Photography tips;

° Interactive elements;

° Hundreds of inspiring high-resolution photographs

“Photos on iPhone and iPad” costs $4.99. It’s available worldwide through the iBookstore (http://tinyurl.com/jhbfoqj) in the Computers and Photography categories. Promo codes are available on request.