iDevices’ ( $79 Socket allows you to turn any ordinary light bulb into a connected bulb quickly and easily.

Simply screw Socket into your favorite lighting fixture and insert any standard bulb to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the ability to control your lighting from anywhere. Using the free iDevices Connected app, take advantage of Socket’s dimming functionality and customizable color light ring to set the perfect ambiance to fit any moment. Its compact, discreet design blends with any home décor and fits easily into standard lighting receptacles. You can use Siri voice commands to control power and brightness to your lights.

The iDevices Connected app — available at the Apple App Store — makes it easy for users to add iDevices products to their home Wi-Fi network and securely pair them to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Simple navigation allows users to create dynamic schedules and group products into “scenes.” Customizing the app with photos and names lets users feel like they’re moving through their own home.

The iDevices Socket’s dimming capability lets you dim your lights directly from your iOS device. It fits into conventional lighting receptacles, making it easy to transform any lamp into a connected lamp. The iDevices Socket is also compatible with standard Edison style bulbs (up to 60 watts), allowing you to use pre-existing bulbs in your home. You can also use Socket to create dynamic, low-light environments and enhance your home with personalized color.