Buoy (MagTunes.com.au) is described as “the world’s first real waterproof speaker.” I’m a bit skeptical of that claim, but it is waterproof and costs around $70 (http://tinyurl.com/h262axo).

Buoy purportedly produces multi-dimensional sound by replicating the techniques used on $1,000+ audio systems that control distortion of the music through hardware instead of software. This means it can pump up the volume without distorting the sound quality.

It’s less than two inches deep but packs a musical punch, connecting via Bluetooth, Auxiliary Audio Cable or from a Micro SD card. On a full charge, it’ll play for 24 hours anywhere you take it.

Buoy uses two 40mm full range drivers coupled with a passive subwoofer to maximize the base response. For the speaker to be truly portable and go anywhere it had to be packaged in a highly protective housing with an integrated rechargeable battery. The housing is sealed in an IPX 7 waterproof and sand proof cabinet. For shock proofing and versatility, it’swrapped it in high-grade silicone sleeve.