Pad & Quill ( has introduced new wood and leather cases for the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE.

The $109.95 Oxford for iPad Pro 9.7 is slim American full-grain leather case that supports the Apple Smart Keyboard. This leather portfolio case for iPad Pro 9.7 combines a thin profile with the luxurious look and feel of high-end leather. Everything in this case is luxurious, even down to the UV resistant Marine-grade stitching we use which is also used in parachute construction.

The iPad is held in place with a specially developed secure locking and residue free 3M adhesive material. There’s a pocket on the inside for documents, and it is all closed with a thick elastic band closure. The case turns into a self propping iPad stand, and the Apple Keyboard accessory is completely compatible with the iPad in the case.

The $109.95 Contega Linen for iPad Pro 9.7 is a book-bound wooden case wrapped with archival quality Buckram Linen. A precision milled Baltic Birch frame compliments and protects the iPad perfectly without obscuring any of the screen or front features. The wood is CNC cut to precise standards and then hand finished with furniture grade lacquer.

The cover is made with traditional book bindery techniques and wrapped in the same durable material used on hardbound books in the library of congress. The case folds out into a self-propping multi-angle stand.

The $89.95 Contega Thin for iPad Pro 9.7 is a slim Buckram Linen bound case that supports the Smart Keyboard. This case highlights the thin profile of the iPad Pro 9.7 and combines the best of the Contega Linen and Oxford. The iPad is held in place with the same secure locking 3M adhesive we have specially developed, and it is compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard accessory.