Our entire lives are online making it almost impossible to police the Internet in your home. Circle is a new, simple device made for parents looking to control any device with Internet capabilities. Simply plug it into the router, access Circle with Disney app and reclaim control.
More than parental controls, Circle with Disney is a custom monitoring system for the whole family. Through the dashboard, parents can create unique profiles for each family member through a variety of settings including: time limits between a variety of apps, platforms and web-based programs, Bedtime which automatically disconnects and reconnects devices from Wi-Fi at scheduled times, filters to set individual age and interests and pause, a function used to completely turn off or turn on network Wi-Fi at any time. 

Circle with Disney also provides insights that allow parents to track and compare online usage from week to week, month to month, per site, by interest or category. Featuring an internal battery, it can’t be accidentally (or purposefully) turned off.  And if it does move, Circle sends an instant notification.

End-to-end encryption and ARP spoofing keeps your data safe. Unlike cloud storage, all data lives on the device making it impossible to access. Circle is in full compliance with COPPA standards.

The device pairs wirelessly with router and instantly detects devices paired with local Wi-Fi network including: smart phones, gaming systems, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, etc. The companion Circle with Disney app (currently available for iOS 8 or later at the Apple App Store), gives parents full control over which content is viewed and the time spent on each device

Circle costs $99. It’s available at meetcircle.com and Amazon.com.