’s SubRosaSoft Disk Copy is a backup and cloning system for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. It can create bootable copies of a startup drive, manage synchronization of volumes, handle incremental bootable copies, and run backups using a schedule.

SubRosaSoft Disk Copy supports multiple backup modes such as Cloning and Synchronization of drives. It can also make incremental snapshots that back up your most recent changes, and retain older versions of files you can retrieve, if needed. All these backup tasks can be scheduled and automated at times convenient for you.

One cool feature of Disk Copy is the use of hard links to reduce the amount of space required for incremental backup. To keep disk usage down to absolute minimum, the app uses hard links. The backup will appear and behave as an exact clone, but only take up a small amount of space. You can store many time-stamped backups of your drive or folders, and you can go back and pull out copies of any particular files that you want.

The application’s single-window design makes cloning and backing up a simple process. Disk Copy’s filtering capability allows you to exclude files from a backup. You can interrupt a backup and start it again later. What’s more, you can use Disk Copy’s scheduling features to create automatic backups or to save settings for manual backups you can run when you need.

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