Quark Software has unveiled QuarkXPress 2016, the next major version of the design and layout tool for print and digital publishing. The finished version is due in the second quarter of the year. According to the folks at Quark, feature highlights include:

° Convert PDF, Illustrator and EPS Files to native QuarkXPress Objects;
° Paste as native objects from Illustrator and Microsoft Office;
° Create and export HTML5 publications;
° Multi-gradient color blends;
° Support for OpenType stylistic sets;
° Color Picker ( an eyedropper tool);
° Touchpad support for pinch and zoom on the Mac;
° Search and Replace non-breaking spaces and characters;
° Additional Dynamic Guides for textbox columns;
° Fit Textbox to Text;
° Option to make the Measurement Palette 50% larger;
° The Option to line wrap content variables;
° Support for ICCv4 Profiles

As the plug-in interface is the same between QuarkXPress 2016 and QuarkXPress 2015, XTensions, plugins to QuarkXPress, will work in the new version uninterrupted (provided the XTension doesn’t conflict with any of the new functionality). Customers who purchase a new full license of QuarkXPress 2015 or upgrade from any previous version to QuarkXPress 2015 will receive an upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 free of charge when it arrives in the second quarter of 2016.

For current QuarkXPress 2015 users, Quark is offering a reduced upgrade price of $179 on QuarkXPress 2016 upgrades. Both offers apply to valid products purchased between Feb 16, 2016, and the official release of QuarkXPress 2016 in the second quarter of the year. Learn more about what’s new in QuarkXPress 2016, read about the offer details, and make purchases here: www.quark.com/2016.