Honeywell’s new second generation Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat ( is now compatible with Apple HomeKit for control using Siri, and easy integration into other current smart home ecosystems.

The second generation Lyric thermostat features the same sleek aesthetic and intuitive features of the original, such as location-based, customized temperature control, says Jeremy Eaton, vice president of Honeywell’s Home Comfort business. It also can be integrated into other current ecosystems, such as Samsung® SmartThings, and can link to many home products and services that customers choose, including those from Honeywell, such as the Lyric security system.

With an Apple HomeKit and Apple Watch combo, you can asily and securely control the Lyric thermostat using Siri, set up special actions, connect to other HomeKit-enabled products in the home via the Lyric app, and even make changes and check multiple thermostats using Apple Watch.

Consumers can create a custom geofence map and distance, enabling the Lyric thermostat to deliver comfort when you’re home, savings when you’re away with even greater accuracy. With “smart alerts,” the Lyric thermostat can send reminders about filter changes, warn of extreme temperatures and humidity inside the home, and more.

Intelligent Comfort Control allows you to make sure 72 degrees feels like 72 degrees. The Lyric thermostat considers temperature and humidity to maintain comfort, and can also work with your system to adjust in-home humidity levels. It also supports custom shortcuts, so you can create a dynamic heating/cooling schedule, and set up recurring event triggers with a single touch of the thermostat or app.