Bare Bones Software’s ( BBEdit 11.5, an update to its professional strength HTML and text editor, provides several performance improvements, refinements to fit and finish, and changes to streamline workflow in specific areas, such as Find Differences.

In all, this new version includes more than one hundred and sixty new features, changes to existing features, and fixes for specific reported issues. Version 11.5requires Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later, and is fully compatible with OS X El Capitan.

The updated application boosts performance in a variety of areas, with the result that many common operations are faster than before. In addition, BBEdit 11.5 significantly streamlines the workflow for Find Differences, with changes ranging from an easier-to-use Find Differences dialog to automatic synchronized scrolling of thedocuments being compared within a Differences window.

Version 11.5 incorporates numerous refinements to the fit and finish of BBEdit. Reorganization of some menus and elements of editing windows makes more efficient use of available space and reduces visual overhead, even as new commands are added.

Additional updates and improvements in the new version include additions to the FTP/SFTP connection interface, new contextual menu commands in project document sidebars, new features in the “bbedit” command-line tool, and support for iCloud Drive as an alternative means of synchronizing setup information across multiple Macs.

BBEdit 11.5 is a recommended update which is free of charge to all BBEdit 11 customers. For new users, the suggested retail price is $49.99. Special upgrade pricing is available to owners of BBEdit 10 for $29.99, and to owners of BBEdit 9 or earlier for US$39.99. Multi-user licenses are also available.