Excel Software has announced DocProtect 5, an update of the software for protecting document types and ensuring that only licensed users on a Mac, Windows or Android device can view the content.

It can be used to protect computer training courses, research reports, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and eBooks. DocProtect 5 can generate an Android application from EPUB, PDF, Video or HTML files.  

It outputs a source folder of Java files that can be compiled into an Android application using Android Studio with no programming required. Other enhancements in version 5 include support for larger documents, improved video playback controls, more flexible PDF support and features to organize, clone or batch build up to 200 protected documents with one command.

DocProtect converts a document into a protected application. Version 5 adds the ability to generate a 32-bit or 64-bit Mac or Windows application. A 64-bit app supports larger videos and bigger HTML based applications.

DocProtect costs US$495 for a single user license on either Mac OS X or Windows — $795 for both platforms. Running on either Mac or Windows, it can generate Android applications. DocProtect includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for unlimited documents or licenses. Go to www.excelsoftware.com for more info.