Modern Portable’s HIFI ELITE Super 66 ( over-ear Bluetooth headphones — which cost, appropriately, $66 — offer good sound quality at a reasonable price in a stylish stainless steel lightweight design and feature set.

Kyle Thompson, CEO of Modern Portable, said they started by benchmarking leading $300 high-end headphones, then worked with industry-leading engineers to duplicate the sound at a much more customer-friendly price. Finally, they assigned production to a factory that makes the same $300 headphones for the high-end brands. So was born the HIFI ELITE Super 66, and we think you will agree the results are magnificent!

The HIFI ELITE Super 66 features clean, accurate bass with distortion-free audio. It has a five to six-hour battery life for wireless enjoyment of music, movies and games. You can connect via a Bluetooth or wired connection (the wired connection works without battery power, and a high-end ribbon cable is included). The HIFI ELITE Super 66 sports a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls (Bluetooth only) and large, carefully designed and laid-out buttons for easy wireless operation.