Developer Sample Magic has announced an update to its Magic AB instant referencing AB plug-in that allows producers, engineers and mastering engineers to switch between their DAW audio stream and up to nine reference tracks. Version 2 adds:

° A rebuilt one-click referencing engine that loads all professional audio file formats from WAV and AIFF to mp3 and m4a without the need to convert files first;

° New Latch, Sync, and Manual playback modes to suit various workflows (Latch playback to DAW transport; Sync playback to DAW timeline; Manual playback — for freeform referencing);

° Multiple cue and loop points per track; cue point naming as standard;

° Mono-stereo monitoring;

° High-resolution output meters coupled with peak, RMS, and crest monitoring scales;

° A redesigned Mini AB with more options and smaller footprint;

° Dozens of user-flow tweaks, including RAM-saving deactivate tracks mode; drag and drop files; more accurate zoom; all-new preset system.

Magic AB v2 is available as an US$14.92upgrade for registered users or a special introductory offer price of $67.66. Go to for details.