With Un-carrier X offering double the LTE data plus its new zero-rated video streaming service Binge On for no extra fees, T-Mobile US is set to maintain its Un-carrier momentum and gain market share in the fourth quarter (Q4) as it puts pressure on the pricing approaches of its rivals, according to Strategy Analytics (www.strategyanalytics.com).

Through its Un-carrier initiative, including services like Music Freedom and now Binge On, T-Mobile is challenging its competitors by positioning itself as the most customer-friendly wireless operator in the US market, says the research group. Un-carrier momentum continues with the addition of the Binge On mobile video streaming service supported by zero-rated data over LTE and video optimization technology, strengthening T-Mobile’s value proposition while challenging AT&T and Verizon Wireless to follow suit.

“Video is one of the fastest growing mobile data consumption types. With Binge On and its offer to double the LTE data allowance for Simple Choice customers, T-Mobile is removing consumers’ concern about blowing their data allowance or incurring competitors’ huge overage fees,” says Nitesh Patel, director, Wireless Media Strategies at Strategy Analytics. “Despite 24 video content services included today, the current absence of a few popular services from Binge On, especially YouTube—which according to Strategy Analytics’ consumer telemetry is generating the largest amount of data traffic among all mobile applications used—could be a disappointment, in particular for millennials who typically go on YouTube and social networks to catch the latest videos.”