Immortal Files ( is a complete backup solution for Mac users that can back up to different locations, ensuring that data is stored across more than one solution for greater peace of mind. It supports flash drives, USB, free or paid Cloud Storage, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and more. All data can be encrypted.

You can use a networked disk (NAS) or another Mac OS X or Windows computer as backup storage. Copy your files by SMB or AFP protocol for maximum simplicity.

In the event of a lost connection or power outage, your backup remain entirely intact and undamaged. Immortal Files scans only changed folders for performance improvement. In case of any error or a lost Internet connection, the utility will continue the backup or restore from the point of error.

Immortal Files can also create a complete clone of the hard drive that can be booted on another Mac, bringing the system that users or their employees are accustomed to over to the new computer. Users will be able to view their Mac OS X files from any previous date and time. The options are extensive and the rules are flexible.

Immortal Files provides peace of mind. You can keep all your data safe off site (on remote servers) and on site (on external drives).