Seagate Technology ( has introduced the Seagate ClusterStor G200 Spectrum Scale, a high performance computing (HPC)-class storage solution designed to help data-driven enterprises manage massive storage growth. The G200 integrates with Seagate’s new 3.5-inch ClusterStor HPC drive specifically designed for the HPC market.

As the first Seagate ClusterStor system supporting the IBM Spectrum Scale file system (formerly known as General Parallel File System – GPFS), the G200 features a wide range of enterprise-class features and tools ideal for helping manage this data growth, according to Ken Claffey, vice president and general manager, Seagate HPC systems business. It also enables high-performance data access critical to industries ranging from life sciences, to automotive and aerospace design, to financial services among a wide range of technical computing applications, he adds.

Leveraging the ClusterStor engineered storage architecture, the G200 has been custom-designed from the ground up for HPC, with everything from disk drives to the enclosures and software tuned for HPC performance and scalability. The G200 storage system unit is delivered with 84 slots for 3.5-inch HDD and SSD in a 5U enclosure with embedded storage controllers.

The G200 and the L300 – Seagate’s new Lustre®-based system – are the first enterprise HPC systems to deploy Seagate’s new ClusterStor HPC Drive. The 3.5-inch drive supports up to 4TB and features a sequential data rate of 300 megabytes (MB) per second. The system comes pre-configured, tested and ready to deploy.