KnowledgeMiner Software has released Insights 4.0, an update to its Mac OS X (10.10 or higher) application that implements original, self-learning modeling algorithms for development of reliable predictive models from data.

With ready-to-use Python and Objective-C source code implementation of developed models into web, iOS, or OS X development projects, Insights 4.0 takes cost and time-to-deploy measures to a new level of applicability and value for academic users and app developers, according to the folks at KnowledgeMiner.

Taking observational data that describe a system or process, the software constructs a working mathematical model of that system by AI-powered, self-organizing knowledge extraction technologies. It implements a set of modeling tools such as self-detection of relevant input factors, cost-optimized and prevalence-sensitive classification, or similar patterns recognition, which is applied to health and life sciences related problems, energy forecasting, sales prediction, financial and resource planning, engineering problems, climate change modeling, and other by many corporations, universities, research institutes, students, and individuals worldwide.

Insights 4.0 comes with several example models, such as cost-optimized models for fetal state monitoring, gene expression of tumor tissue, and QSAR models for screening of chemical substances and regulatory purposes. More than 20 examples are included for illustrative purposes, taken from the fields of Climate Change, Energy, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, and Business.

Insights for OS X is available as Free, Student, Advanced, or Pro editions exclusively from the KnowledgeMiner Software website ( Until Nov. 30, promotional prices with up to 75 percent discount are provided. Academic versions can be purchased by contacting KnowledgeMiner Software directly.