Do you want faster Wi-Fi in your home and the ability to stream multiple HD movies and TV shows at a time without any glitches? Actiontec Electronics’ ( new family of 802.11ac Wireless Network Extenders delivers whole-home connectivity, with Gigabit wired and wireless speeds for faster HD video streaming and online gaming on any device, in any location in the home.

The wireless network extenders take just minutes to install and are compatible with virtually any home network or Internet router. Homeowners will get an instant performance boost in their home network without having to run any new wires.

While service providers now offer ultra-broadband services with speeds up to hundreds of megabits per second, the typical home network isn’t designed to maintain those speeds throughout all areas. Slow Wi-Fi networks, dead zones, and network congestion limit the full potential of the connected lifestyle. These connectivity issues will intensify as people increase the number of devices that are connected to the home network, including smart TVs, tablets, and gaming devices.

The new 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender family includes both coax and Ethernet-based models. The WCB6200Q uses the latest bonded MoCA 2.0 technology to extend the router’s signal through the home’s existing coax cabling and bring a fast and reliable 802.11ac Wi-Fi signal to those areas of the home that can’t be reached with the existing router. The Ethernet-based WEB6000Q can plug into the Ethernet port of the subscriber’s existing router or gateway and provides an instant upgrade to 802.11ac.

The Actiontec network extenders feature the latest advances in Wi-Fi technology. For example, with support for 4×4 802.11ac, the WxB6x00Q offers four streams of data for better performance, while Multi-User MIMO delivers the best possible performance when simultaneously streaming and gaming on multiple devices. In addition, Actiontec implemented a new antenna design that uniquely optimizes antenna placement in three dimensions.

The WCB6200Q Wireless Network Extender extends the range of the existing Wi-Fi network to the far corners of the home. And with next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi, bonded MoCA 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet, the WCB6200Q doesn’t just extend the home network, it turbocharges it, so users can enjoy more consistent bandwidth for gaming and video streaming.

The WEB6000Q Wireless Network Extender can connect to the Ethernet port of an existing router, modem, or gateway and adds high-performance 802.11ac wireless speeds to the home network.