An Stilo is an adjustable fine-tip capacitive stylus compatible with virtually all apps and tablets, including the range of iPads. It also sports an optional screen protector designed together with Stilo’s tip to emulate the friction of pen on paper.

Stilo’s tip measures 1.9mm. Made from durable plastics, the tip doesn’t require replacing and won’t scratch your device’s screen. Stilo’s tip can be rotated to fine-tune sensitivity for different tablets or screen protectors – clockwise, or inward, is less sensitive; counter-clockwise, or outward, is more sensitive. Stilo’s active stylus technology is designed to offset latency from tip to stroke, yielding minimal lag.

For the best experience, users can opt to use Stilo’s Precision Film. While fingerprint and scratch resistant, it features a soft upper layer designed in tandem with Stilo’s tip to evoke the feel and friction of a pen.

The Stilo doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection for use. It uses a single AAA battery for up to 10 hours of continuous use and features an automatic shut-off feature after idling for five minutes to conserve power.

The Stilo is available on Amazon for $69.99 in white and black. The optional Precision Film is available on Stilo’s website (