Many people have USB adapters that they plug into the 12 Volt power plugs in their vehicles to create a charging station for their smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. However, Secur Products has taken the USB car adapter to the extreme with the introduction of the SP-4003 Six-in-One Car Charger (

This US$39.99 device not only transforms any 12 Volt power plug into a USB port for phone and other device cables, it can also function as a life-saving tool in the event of an accident. The SP-4003 is capable of storing 2000mAh of power, it has a built in 150 Lumen LED flashlight that will stay illuminated for four hours on a full charge, a window breaker and seat belt cutter. Talk about your all-in-one devices.

Features include: 1a 2 Volt cigarette lighter car charger with USB port (you can charge via cigarette lighter charger or with external USB power supply); a portable power bank with lithium battery; flashing red emergency light; and a battery charge level indicator. It includes an USB charging cable.