SmartMotion is a new, video analytics software product that works in conjunction with any video surveillance (CCTV) system. It runs natively on Mac OS X, as well as Windows and Linux systems.

SmartMotion analyses captured footage quickly and finds events of interest. It can save lots of man-hours that would otherwise be spent reviewing captured footage. It processes video at up to 1000 fps; typically, one hour of video can be analyzed in one minute.

SmartMotion works with all major video encoding formats. You can batch process hundreds of files at once. It’s multi-threaded to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.

SmartMotion has advanced settings to fine-tune detection. It’s designed for office buildings, retail locations, police departments, city investigators, airports, hospitals, banks: anywhere that generates significant amounts of video footage that will need post-capture analysis after an event has taken place.

Pricing is US$499 for a single-user license and $1,499 for a site license. A 10-day, fully-functional trial version of SmartMotion is available for download at .