Pomfort’s LiveGrade, a Mac OS X compatible tool gives DITs and DOPs a better control of their images and simplifies the color workflow on set and in the dailies process, now offers more functionalities to adjust and to compare looks directly on set.

LiveGrade is used in all kind of commercial, TV and cinema productions and removes creative and technical limitations commonly associated with color grading workflows. It allows users to import and export looks in 3D LUT, ASC-CDL, ALE, Alexa Looks and XML file formats.

LiveGrade’s new video input interface enables capturing the HD-SDI signal of a camera so that recorded clips or live images can be used for visualizing and referencing the required looks. The new split screen view makes the comparison of looks even more convenient and accurate.

What’s more, Pomfort has delivered look library enhancements to LiveGrade Pro that significantly accelerate and optimize look workflows. LiveGrade Pro 3 now has the capability to extract time code information from the live HD-SDI signal that is automatically saved along with the look metadata in the library. Based on the look information in the library, LiveGrade Pro now allows to create look reports as PDFs for a faster end-to-end communication specifically when it comes to the task of matching footage with appropriate looks in the dailies creation process.

Also, DITs, colorists and DOPs increasingly need to be able to apply filters for color correction in order to either adjust a specific color or range of colors or to configure a specific look for correcting color cast of different lenses or camera filters. Matching these requirements, LiveGrade Pro now provides new filters for secondary color correction and offers the ability to apply multiple different CDL or 3D LUT filters at the same time for preparing customized color pipelines. LiveGrade Pro comes with a variety of further features such as support of ACES 1.0 transforms, or the new color controls for tint.

With the release of LiveGrade v3 Pomfort introduces a new subscription license. A yearly subscription for LiveGrade Pro is available for US$499; the yearly subscription for LiveGrade Basic is $299. Existing LiveGrade customers can upgrade to version 3 with a discount of 50% for the first year. A 14-day trial version is available as a free download from Pomfort online (www.pomfort.com).