Audified’s ( U73b Compressor effect plug-in for Mac (AAX, AudioUnit, VST2, VST3) and PC (AAX, VST2, VST3) is an authentic emulation of the Sixties-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter hardware predecessor that shares its name.

But before delving deeper into Audified’s authentic-sounding U73b Compressor effect plug-in, perhaps a little history lesson is in order here? After all, only by gaining an appreciation of its namesake hardware predecessor can U73b Compressor be truly appreciated in its own right.

The unique sound of the U73b has been authentically captured for any modern-day DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) owner to hear use as an effect plug-in. Other than transformation from hardware to software, what else does U73b Compressor offer the discerning DAW owner?

Well, while modeling the U73b circuitry as it was originally designed, Audified has added an IN(put) and OUT(put) gain, both before and after the modeled compression circuit to aid adjusting compression in a more modern manner fit. Which is why the U73b Compressor plug-in has also been boosted with a VU (Volume Unit) meter and selectable side-chaining.

The U73b Compressor’s upper-positioned knob acts as a compressor/limiter switch, switching between Kompr (compressor), Durchschalt (bypass), and Begr (limiter) modes. The compressor mode has a lower threshold setting and a gently rising ratio; reversely, the limiter mode provides a higher threshold setting with higher ratio, but still with smooth- sounding, soft-knee compression.

The lower-positioned knob sets the release time. The first three positions provide fixed release times, while the three red-colored positions provide adjustable program content-dependent release time options. Outside the authentic-looking onscreen reproduction of the original U73b front panel, SIDECHAIN selects the signal source for controlling gain reduction.

 U73b Compressor is great for mastering purposes, but also lends itself to mixing drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and voiceovers. It’s available for US$149.