Peercisely ( is a new cloud-based service that “fixes how companies recruit new talent by marrying the most effective method of recruiting – personal referrals – with the most powerful source of knowledge and insights, the social network.” The service is starting with the San Francisco Bay Area, but expanding nationally and internationally soon.

“Peercisely allows anyone to become a recruiter,” says Arek Sokol, CEO and founder. “Referrers make recommendations based on all the intangibles that make for a great hire: personality, temperament, flexibility, dedication. Qualities that don’t appear on a resume.”

An employer posts jobs by buying Peercisely coins. One coin (which costs US$100) buys one posting and displays a thumbnail of the responses. For five coins ($500) the employer gains full access to the resumes, contact information and the referrals’ comments. Employers can also apply coins toward promotions such as tax-deductible charitable donations and referral bonus pay-outs on jobs.

“Peercisely is based on the referrer, anyone who is interested in recommending people they know for job openings they see on the Peercisely mobile app and are interested in earning money for themselves as well as earning money for charities they choose,” says Sokol.

After signing up a referrer looks on the app. When she sees a job that would be a great fit for someone she knows, she then recommends her colleague with a simple tap. If the peer is called in for an interview, the referrer’s influence grows. If the referral is hired, the referrer can earn money.

“The benefit is obvious for candidates,” says Sokol. “Once they have a professional profile setup they don’t need to do anything except hit ‘accept’ when they receive a referral from someone they know. Peercisely is transforming hiring because companies hire people, not a skill set. Peercisely connects qualified people to the job openings that fit their skills, experience, and personality.”