Strata has announced the latest version of its Strata Design 3D CX app ( for creative professionals. Version 8.0 introduces features designed to enhance the design workflow; also, it leverages some of the latest technology in Mac OS X to provide access to more memory and faster rendering.
Some of the new features in Strata Design 3D CX 8 include: 64-bit rendering enhancements. LiveRay, Strata’s interactive photo-real renderer, that let’s users quickly interact with their models to perfect their textures and lighting. Publish 3D makes it easy to output to Augment (leading virtual reality application), Sketchfab (online interactive 3D visualization) and i.materialise (3D printing platform).

Soft shadows are now available from all light sources, including global lights. New anti-alias filters and HDRI image adjustments provide more control over final renders. HDR Light Studio is integrated and available as a plug-in application, allowing users to create studio-like lighting and interactively place reflections by clicking on 3D surfaces.

Direct linking of Adobe Illustrator files to surface textures has been added to the existing Photoshop linking, allowing designers to automatically update surface textu res when saving the source file. This feature was a top request from packaging designers who can now link their 2D print production files to their 3D visualizations, according to the folks at Strata.
Users of the existing 7 series product can upgrade to Design 3D CX for as little as $19.95 a month or purchase a standard upgrade license starting at $199. Both subscriptions and standard licenses are available for new users, as well. The product can be purchased in combination with HDR Light Studio in both subscription and standard licenses at a discounted price.