If you need to manage partitions on Mac hard drives (including the boot volume) without causing data loss, you should check out Stellar Data Recovery (http://tinyurl.com/plc9j4s). It’s a Mac volume manager that allows you to perform basic partitioning operations, such as creating, deleting, resizing, formatting, and hiding/revealing a partition.

Stellar Data Recovery allows you to create partitions of any type on your Mac hard drive. If there’s scattered free space on the drive, the utility shifts the existing partitions to make sufficient space for the new partition to be created.

The software resizes Mac partitions on any drive by adjusting and reorganizing the free space, making the operation secure and free from any risk of data loss. Stellar Data Recovery facilitates the formatting of partitions when you wish to completely wipe off all data present on a particular volume to remove any unwanted virus and other malicious programs from the drive.

You can anytime hide a partition to conceal your important information or make it inaccessible to any unauthorized person for safety reasons. You can unhide or mount this partition later by using the Reveal option.

You should backup all your important data before deleting a partition on your drive to create more free space. For deleting the system partition, you require creating a bootable DVD using Stellar Partition Manager.

Stellar Partition Manager also enables you to create a bootable DVD that could be used to perform partitioning operations on the boot drive. You need to backup your important data before working on the boot drive

Stellar Data Recovery costs US$39 for a single-user license, $49 for a three-user license, and $99 for a 10-user license. A demo is available for download.