Klevr Furniture’s Storage-Top Desk for Mac boasts a functional design built specifically for iMacs and MacBooks. Each desk is made to order and conveniently stows away cables, power adaptors, and additional clutter.

Table-top notches are strategically placed for MacBook and iMac connectors, and movable panels allow easy access to storage. It’s designed to offer plenty of work space for a Mac user and provide storage underneath for printers and accessories.

The desktop has three movable panels, each containing portholes for various devices. The center panel contains a central notch for the iMac’s rear plugs, while the two other panels offer notches that line up with the ports on the sides of MacBooks. Additional front and back notches are available for supplementary devices and wires; plus they double as finger-grooves for easy removal of panels.

Panels glide on felt-lined rails and hang aside the desk when accessing the storage compartment. The two side panels are 12 inches wide, and are designed for document scanners, 3D printers and more. The desktop has 46″ x 30″ of usable space and is made of pre-finished Finnish birch plywood.

The desk is laminated for a glass-smooth finish. Every edge is rounded for comfort and safety, and every panel is reversible for longer life should one get scratched or damaged. The construction offers owners the ability to assemble and disassemble the desk repeatedly without damage or wear.

The flat pack design weighs 80 pounds and allows owners to easily transport the desk or to conveniently store it away in less than five inches of space. Klevr Furniture also provides additional pieces like stackable shelves and coffee tables to complement the Storage-Top Desk and create a complete office environment, or to be used separately in different living spaces.

Storage-Top Desk for Mac in natural finish costs US$399 and is available today exclusively through the company website (http://klevr.us). The Quartz Gray finish model is $499 and will be available in March.