Entropy, a mobile innovations company based in the United Kingdom, used the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce the launch of the new free-to-use mobile app CMS, Remarkable.

As “the first CMS built specifically for the post-PC era,” Remarkable enables anyone with a native mobile app to take full creative control of their product, according to Entropy CEO Eddie Vassallo. He introduced the full beta launch of the Remarkable mobile management solution at the Mobile World Congress. Anyone can sign up and manage their first app for free.

“Since our soft-launch in October, we have been absolutely inundated with demo requests for the Remarkable system,” says Vassallo. “At Mobile World Congress, we were extremely excited to formally announce the release of our new free-to-use Tier – allowing people to not only demo Remarkable, but to begin using it in their live native mobile apps for free. We’re confident that once developers and content owners see how easy it is to manage the content in their apps, they’ll roll Remarkable out across their entire suite of apps.”

He says Remarkable was built from the ground up to solve the issues developers and others face when making content updates to their live apps. Vassallo says the new free “Simple” tier of the Remarkable system will launch with a full iOS software development kit, allowing developers to embed the Remarkable solution into their existing iPhone and iPad apps.

Following an initial setup, wherein content location is defined in the Remarkable interface, developers can then transfer the Remarkable system to “non-technical” users (creatives, editors and marketers) to update any piece of content or section of their app. Vassallo also reports that more software development kits are on the way, including the full Android SDK which will launch in the next few weeks, with SDK’s for Windows Phone, Apple’s Watchkit, Android Wear and Samsung’s Tizen platform in development and planned for release by the summer.

Go to www.UseRemarkable.com for more info.