Reach79 has released a smartphone case that can improve a device’s signal strength up to 2X, optimizing performance and resulting in better communications.

CEO David Vigil says Reach79 cases have been tested at CETECOM, a CTIA accredited test facility, and verified to improve a phone’s signal strength by an average of 1.6X, with peak performance of over 2X. He adds that, while user experience may vary depending on device, carrier, and location, consumers can expect to see several benefits from Reach79, including: 

° Speed: A stronger signal enables faster data speeds for browsing the web, streaming music, making video calls, managing emails, and more.

° Expanded coverage: With a stronger signal, users can stay connected farther from a cell tower—and greater range can decrease dropped calls and increase connectivity.

° Increased battery life: With Reach79, smartphones don’t have to work as hard to reach the tower, which can reduce the strain on the battery. More efficient performance equals longer battery life.

° Protection: Weighing just 1.27 ounces, Reach79 cases still offer durability and protection against drops up to 6.6 feet.

Reach79 cases can be purchased starting today, January 5, 2015 at at $59.99 for the iPhone 6 and $69.99 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Reach79 cases are available now in black with additional colors coming later this quarter.