Quark Software’s “10 Habits for Successful Digital Publishing” (http://www.appstudio.net/Resources/) is an ebook guide for corporate and journal publishers who are creating or rethinking their digital publishing strategies.

Written by experts in digital and mobile publishing, readers will get a better understanding of the technologies and best practices for reaching, engaging and understanding consumers of digital content. Topics covered in “10 Habits for Successful Digital Publishing” include:

° Trends in tablet publishing, such as device fragmentation;

° Embracing a digital-first publishing strategy;

° Moving beyond PDF replica apps by adopting HTML5 apps;

° Designing apps for maximum engagement;

° Leveraging the cloud for digital publishing;

° Integrating analytics into apps to track and understand usage;

° And more.

The writers of “10 Habits for Successful Digital Publishing” work with industry leaders across media, manufacturing and financial services industries to create award-winning tablet, smartphone and Web apps with App Studio. App Studio is the cloud-based digital publishing solution that transforms content into HTML5 for delivery across devices.