Accordance Bible Software ( has released Accordance 11, a major upgrade of its Bible study software for Mac and Windows computers. David Lang, vice president of development, says it includes the following new features:

° A new Research Tab (replaces Search All) designed to make it easy to see which results are most relevant to your study;

° A new Info Pane that dynamically displays which commentaries from your Accordance Library are most relevant to your passage along with other content.

° A new Quick Entry feature that begins suggesting terms as soon as you start typing in a search field;

° User notes now support Unicode content and can be applied to any title in your Accordance Library;

° Improved library organization brings over 20 distinct categories for organizing your personal Accordance Library;;

° Bookmarks can now be placed on any title in Accordance and are synced to other devices via Dropbox;

° Remember My Place allows you to pick up reading where you left off, regardless of the device you’re using.

° Search the Bible by Topic instantly finds all the verses that address a particular topic;

° Combined Related Tools now allow compatible reference tools to be combined as a set for use in parallel with a biblical text.

Accordance 11 can be purchased with a Starter Collection of Bibles and books for US$59.90. Larger Collections packages and upgrade discounts are also available.