Network administrators have secured their networks with OpenBSD’s PF for more than a decade. However, the world of the Internet is changing, and that means PF and OpenBSD need to change too.

In the third edition of “The Book of PF” (No Starch Press, Oct 2014, 248 pp., $34.95), author Peter N.M. Hansteen returns with more PF and BSD helpful hints. With the assistance of this instructional guide, readers will master the latest PF developments to build strong and secure networks.

“The Book of PF” ( gives readers info on using PF with the latest versions of OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. Hansteen walks through the steps for basic and advanced setups, from getting started with PF to basic packet filtering, handling services for small and large networks, fighting attackers, logging, monitoring, and more.

“The Book of PF” has 248 pages and costs US34.95.

Hansteen is a consultant, sysadmin, and writer based in Bergen, Norway. A longtime Freenix advocate and an original member of the RFC 1149 implementation team, he lectures on OpenBSD and FreeBSD, contributes to BSD Magazine, writes a frequently slashdotted blog (, and maintains his PF tutorial (