STM ( has created the US$24.99 Cable Wrap. Designed with a “dedicated space for everything,” it’s built to offer a way to store flash drives, chargers, cable adapters, headphones, backup batteries and other electronic device accessories.

Made with water resistant fabric, the Cable Wrap unfolds to reveal four storage panels. One end of the wrap features a large mesh pocket for securing small items such as flash drives, adapters for universal chargers, lip balm, even spare change.

The two center panels are divided into three small pouches and three medium pouches with elastic bindings. The center panels are designed for storing a laptop power brick, rolled up charging cables or headphones individually so cords can no longer become tangled together. The smaller pouches can also house an emergency pen for those times when all other writing utensils disappear from a bag.

The other end panel of the Cable Wrap is divided into two mesh compartments edged with an elastic binding. Larger devices such as portable backup batteries, external hard drives, phones or MP3 players can be slipped inside when not in use.

Once every power cord and device is in its place, fold the two end panels into the center, fold the Cable Wrap in half, and secure it closed with the attached strap and buckle. All of the gear that used to end up lost in the seams at the bottom of a pocket will now be accessible whenever it is needed.