ProgeCAD ‘s iCADMac 2014 is the first CAD software for Mac exclusively enabling export from DWG to 3D PDF to obtain an interactive 3D model of a project, displayable and editable simply with Adobe Reader.

The software provides full compatibility with DWG, the CAD standard format recognized worldwide, as well as a range of tools and features to enhance 2D design and 3D modeling.  The DWG file format ensures thorough compatibility with AutoCAD files from version 2.5 up to version 2014. Drawings created with iCADMac can be visualized and edited on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch in the DWG and PDF file formats.

The PDF format in iCADMac 2014 facilitates sharing and revision of 3D models within a design team, among suppliers and customers. Also, the  iCADLib module can manage blocks libraries with over 22.000 ready-to-use blocks. Finally, iCADMac 2014 offers free access to the Traceparts and Cadenas portals integrated in iCADLib.

For more information about iCADMac 2014, go to . A 30-day demo is available for download. Registration is US$795 for a single license (digital delivery).