Interlude’s Treehouse is a self-service HTML5 Web app that lets anyone design and publish their own interactive videos. It unlocks Interlude¹s patented interactive video technology for video creators via its flexible authoring suite.

The suite has a drag-and-drop interface. Videos created with Treehouse operate in a multi-branch, multi-layered, tree-structured style, allowing viewers to play an active role in the storytelling process. As viewers navigate through various options, the videos react to the choices in real time, always delivering a seamless viewing experience.

There are no limits on video length or number of choices. All videos and assets are hosted on Interlude¹s servers, offering users unlimited storage.

There are no limits on story line complexity. You can build simple branching structures or more complex structures using loops and jumps.

Videos can be embedded on any website or blog using a standard embed code and be viewed directly inside Facebook feeds. With Treehouse, videos can be viewed using Interlude’s iOS player app or published in a high-quality format.What’s more, videos can link out to websites, shop URLs or any online destination.

Users can track video performance with a real-time metrics dashboard that includes breakdowns of user choices and decisions, as well as views, unique visitors, engagement, share and click-through rates and retention time. The Treehouse platform is free to all personal users, and available to commercial users and enterprises for a fee. Go to for pricing and additional information.