Storage Made Easy has announced a private dropbox for enterprise with a twist: it works with all existing private and public files and adds cloud control and governance features.

SME’s Cloud Control Appliance allows IT to unify private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure. The SME appliance with existing storage clouds including OpenStack, Amazon S3, Eucalyptus, EMC Atmos, Amazon S3 and over 40 cloud storage providers, according to Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle.

The Appliance secures data stored on external clouds by enabling companies to set a private key. This enables companies to know any sensitive data is stored securely when stored off-site. Companies also have the option of leaving data in-situ on-site behind the firewall and encrypting it before sharing.

Governance polices enable companies to set polices against data, such as password protection of files and/or time expiry. GEO location polices can be also be set that allow, for example, a specific sub office only to access a specific folder from a specific location from a specific device (web, desktop or mobile app). Audit controls enable companies to have a full audit history of all file events across all private and public corporate data sources.

The SME Cloud Control Appliance is a software appliance hosted by a third party IaaS infrastructure or as an Appliance running in a customer’s own data center. For more info go to .