Graebert has released its ARES Commander 2014 2D/3D CAD package on all three desktop operating systems: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

ARES Commander includes a set of features to create and modify 2D or 3D drawings directly in DWG (any version up to the latest DWG 2013 format). Major new features in this update include:

° A Mac-specific user interface;
° Performance improvements based on software optimization;
° A new design resources palette;
° Layers and entities transparency;
° New productivity features for layers;
° Drawing Standards verification and support for .DWS files;
° PDF import;
° Quick grouping and ungrouping.
Pricing for a perpetual license of Ares Commander is US795 which includes one year of maintenance and $199 for every year thereafter.  New pricing options include an annual plan at $250 per year that’s all-inclusive, as well as a flex license option that adds 25% to the cost but allows licenses to be shared across any OS or to be borrowed as needed.
Demos are available for download. For more info go to