Native Instruments has released Action Strikes, a playable orchestral percussion instrument for cinematic rhythms. Action Strikes delivers an array of rhythmic possibilities via 12 unique ensembles, an additional 65 individual instruments, and 12 single hit sets.

Action Strikes was created with Dynamedion, the score producers behind the acclaimed Action Strings instrument. Action Strikes features an interface designed for creating orchestral pieces for film, television, and game scores. High, mid, and low sections from different ensembles can be mixed and matched with a total of over 1,700 timbral possibilities. Action Strikes includes an assortment of 105 rhythms with five variations. Composers can augment the sound of the ensembles with 65 individual instruments — each with 32 playable rhythms –— and 12 playable sets of single hits.

Running in Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player, Action Strikes is available now from the NI Online Shop for US$299. For more info go to .