If you’re an iMac or Apple Cinema Display owner, Twelve South’s HiRise offers a kool addition to your workspace. It’s an US$79.99, height-adjustable stand that’s both functional and good-looking.

It’s crafted from extruded aluminum and stamped steel. The HiRise elevates an iMac or monitor, allowing the user to adjust the height of his screen to create a more comfortable, ergonomic workspace.

Along with raising the height of iMacs, HiRise creates a handy desktop storage bay for connected gear or personal items. You can store, for example, backup hard drives, cables, your wallet … even a Mac mini. They’re hidden behind the magnetically-held front faceplate. What’s more, both front and back metal faceplates are perforated to provide pass-through ventilation.

The HiRise is compatible with all current iMac and Apple Displays and is available at www.TwelveSouth.com .