Malkinware has announced Reference Tracker 2, an update to their academic reference manager and research tool for Mac OS X. The upgrade adds features such as Journal Article Search, Publication Lookup by DOI, the latest versions of the most popular styles like Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA, and Vancouver, a styles editor to create custom styles, or modify any existing styles.

Reference Tracker is designed to help users keep track of publications they cite or make reference to in a writing or research project. With its Publication Lookup, all users need is an ISBN or DOI to create a full reference in their documents. If they don’t have the ISBN or DOI to hand, Reference Tracker’s Publication Search will find books and articles by title, author and other key terms. The app also has the latest versions of the most popular styles, including Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA, and Vancouver.

The app creates formatted reference lists and bibliographies with a click. Formatted lists are fully editable in Reference Tracker’s text editor. Anyone can export their lists to Microsoft Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, HTML, BibTex, and RIS formats.

Anyone who bought a license for Reference Tracker 1 in 2013 will get a free upgrade to Reference Tracker 2. Malkinware is giving existing Reference Tracker 1 users who purchased their licenses before 2013 a 30% discount when they upgrade to Reference Tracker 2.0. For new users the cost is US$28.99 . Reference Tracker 2 requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Go to for more info.