Microsoft’s second-generation Surface and new Android-based tablets are expected to be impacted by Apple’s launch of the next-generation iPad and iPad mini as the company is likely to reduce its existing iPad and iPad mini prices, according to “DigiTimes” (, quoting unnamed “sources from the upstream supply chain.”

The iPad mini is currently priced starting US$329, while the full size iPad is priced starting $499. The next-generation iPad and iPad mini are expected to retain the same price ranges, while existing models’ new prices are expected to impact 10-inch tablet models with prices above $399 and 7-inch models with prices above $299, the article says.

Microsoft’s Surface 2 series tablets are expected to be the most impacted as the Surface Pro 2 is priced starting $899 and the Surface 2 is priced at $449. Although Microsoft claims to have seen good pre-orders, “DigiTimes” says its sources says demand still isn’t very strong.

Although Nokia is expected to release 10-inch tablets featuring Windows 8.1 or RT in the near future with pricing at around $499, those sources don’t think the tablets are likely to sell well.