Developer Mark S. Morris has introduced new 64-bit versions of his export plugin PhotoUpLink for iPhoto and Aperture. These FTP-only alpha builds begin a new upgrade path towards PhotoUpLink 2, which will be available in 2014.

For a limited time, PhotoUpLink for iPhone enables free multi-photo email, FTP and peer to peer photo sharing over WiFi networks. PhotoUpLink in trial mode allows up to five items to be exported, with a discounted price of US$4.99 for unlimited FTP exports.

PhotoUpLink for iPhoto 1.8.1 is a universal 32/64-bit Intel build for iPhoto ’11 version 9.4.3 and requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or newer. PhotoUpLink has been tested to work with the OS X Mavericks Golden Master and the new  iPhoto ’11 version 9.4.7 running in 64-bit mode. To use PhotoUpLink in iPhoto, select an album or a group of items, then go to the File menu and choose the Export menu item. PhotoUpLink will be displayed in the Export panel. PhotoUpLink for iPhoto supports image and video uploading.

PhotoUpLink for Aperture 1.8.1 is a 64-bit Intel build for Aperture 3.4.5 and requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or newer. PhotoUpLink for Aperture has also been tested to work with Aperture 3.4.5 when running on OS X Mavericks. PhotoUpLink for Aperture supports exporting of image versions or originals. To use PhotoUpLink for Aperture, first select a group of images, then go to the File menu and highlight the Export sub menu item. Select PhotoUpLink for Aperture in the sub menu that appears.

The FTP function of PhotoUpLink runs in a separate process from the host application and can be terminated at any time, preventing any FTP server or connection issues from freezing the main application. For more info go to .